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  • Officially Chandelier-Obssesed

    Officially Chandelier-Obssesed

    It's hard to say why I've always loved chandeliers. I have a feeling it has something to do with some latent desire for formality and structure -- although should I ever be confronted with those constraints, I would no doubt immediately rebel.

    In any event, when I see a chandelier, I tend to photograph it and then to draw it and then to dwell upon it. (When I was sent on a magazine assignment to Charleston a few months ago, I came back with my phone filled with an embarrassing number of chandelier pics.) I'm also unable to resist purchasing vintage chandelier crystals (which did you know? Have amazing names, like "bomb" and "coffin.") So I suppose it's no surprise that I'd start making chandelier necklaces eventually...and ta da! In time for Fall 2017,  here they are.

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