• Beauty at Any Size

    If you’re a woman, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve had your body image or appearance fucked with at some point. In fact, chances are, you’re probably one of your own worst critics, for having a body that doesn’t comport with current socially idealized images of beauty. Because you probably don’t. Because very few people do. Because nearly seven in ten of us – 67% -- have a body size that’s considered too large.

    Part of the problem is that we tend to hide images of larger bodies, and refuse to see them as normal and – brace yourself -- beautiful. So this week’s Fuck This Shit award Winner* is Kelsey Miller, of Refinery 29. In addition to her other efforts in this incredibly important topic, the site just launched The 67% Project, which is creating stock photography of normal bodies and making it available via Getty.

    Size discrimination is the last socially acceptable form of bias. It’s often masked in concern for health, but considering that larger people – again, that’s most of us – tend to get worse treatment from doctors addressing this bias is an urgent health issue. (Also, how do we know that larger people don’t have worse health outcomes because they get inadequate medical care?) To make it worse, the science surrounding the benefits of weight loss is dodgy at best – go here to learn more -- but one thing is pretty obvious: a society that makes most people feel terrible about themselves isn’t a healthy one.  There is nothing healthy about shame.

    *Fuck This Shit award winners receive a free brass Fuck This Shit key ring. Want one of your own? Check out the full line of Pretty Profanities here.

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