• Happiness is a Form of Resistance

    It's fair to say that it's been a rough year for the progressive-minded, politically aware person. (If that's not you...I'm really not the jewelry designer for you.)  With that in mind, I've been working on designs aimed at refreshing the spirit. I'm raiding my vintage collection for whimsy and beauty and I'm spending time sketching flowers and designing jewelry based on those sketches.  

    But make no mistake: I'm not checking out, these are still political pieces. I'm personally donating 10% of every purchase made from my new Happiness is a Form of Resistance collection to Swing Left, an organization that funnels funds to the Democratic candidate in the small number of districts that will actually decide the makeup of the House of Representatives after 2018. (Because it's not the same kind of charity as the Southern Poverty Law Center I can't raise funds directly as I did with my "Nevertheless She Persisted" Bracelet; only individuals may donate to Swing Left.) Whether you purchase anything from my site or not, please head over to Swing Left and get involved! 

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