• The Cursing Cure - and A Free Gift If You Need It.

    Cursing was off-limits, at least within his parents’ earshot, for C., a young man in his senior year of high school. Until he started battling a life threatening illness.
    While hospitalized for aplastic anemia, a childhood friend of C.s mother  — I’m not using names because I don’t have their permission  — bought a Fuck This Shit key chain from Alison Wonderland Jewelry. “I bought it for me, but I thought he needed it more,” she says. "I thought he should be getting in trouble for using profanity on campus — not in a hospital."
    He didn’t get in trouble for having a key chain with two of the most high-powered curse words in the English language his possession, his mother said. In fact, she said, his doctors and the hospital staff shared the sentiment. 
    She wrote this to me: "For me and I think for him it was fun and unexpected to receive a present that expressed what we were feeling at a time when  everyone was tip toeing around us with lovely and kind sentiments.  It was a breath of fresh air, especially for a teenager.  We never let him swear around us until he was in the hospital so the gift was perfect."
    After grueling treatment, which included a bone marrow transplant, C. is now on the mend. For truly embodying the Fuck This Shit spirit, he gets the FTS Award of the Week. He already has a key chain, but I’ll send him another, which he can give to anyone he wants. (Maybe it’s another patient or one of those doctors.)
    And if you know someone who’s going through a serious illness -- or you are yourself -- and want to give yourself or this person anything from Pretty Profanities collection, use the code FUCKMORTALITY and I’ll include a FREE  brass Fuck This Shit key chain with your order, to keep for yourself or to give to a member of the care team. And I'm sorry you're going through this.**
    One more thing. I’m always very touched when I hear stories of the life Fuck This Shit products live after they leave my studio. There’s a lot of prissiness out there about cursing, and while making it socially acceptable would diminish its power, it’s definitely difficult to let people know these products exist. For example, last year one of my Facebook ads got rejected because of profane language. The explanation: "Such ads may offend users and lead to high negative sentiment."
    Yes, these words are shocking. But sometimes that's just what's necessary.  
    **Details on this offer: Please add the brass key chain to your shopping cart and be sure to enter the coupon code FUCKMORTALITY upon checkout. We're using the honor system here, but please include a note with your order telling me who you're purchasing for, if you can. These key chains also make great fundraisers, so please contact me for special pricing if you're interested in that.  

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