• The Perfect Beauty of Imperfection

    I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that I made the decision to travel to Japan while having a bowl of ramen noodles down the block from apartment. 

    It wasn't just the delicious ramen, which I could eat every single day of my life, but the careful presentation of my food, that made me want to draw closer to the Japanese aesthetic. Of course, there isn't just one aesthetic in Japan, but while I was there I found myself drawn to what's known as wabi-sabi -- the beauty of imperfection, such as the kind you’d find in an abandoned building, in a pattern of rust, in peeling paint.

    In fact, I more deeply appreciated the mellow weathered wood of of Kyoto’s temples, and the gray ash of a prayer urn, than I did the bright and shiny plastic brightness of Tokyo, which I thought I'd love the best before I left.  But then, I’ve always been drawn to older, vintage things.

    This was the thought behind the scenes as I created my most recent necklaces, which I'm calling The Beautiful Repair Necklace. They're made from vintage porcelain fragments and they're very wabi-sabi. If you know someone who's going through a difficult period in their life -- or you are! -- this necklace honors the imperfect perfection of the repair process. 


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