Pretty Profanities

“I love you” is a three-word phrase that will make a big difference in your life – when you say it, when you hear it.

But you know all about that already. “Fuck this shit” is a short phrase that gets much less attention. And yet, the moments in which you say these three words – and perhaps the moments in which you hear them, too – are the ones that represent a change in your life’s direction.

 When you say “fuck this shit,” you’re actually saying that the current conditions just won’t do. You don’t say those three words, and keep sitting on the couch. (If you’re not yet ready to change, you’ll say something else, like, “I don’t give a shit.”) You say “fuck this shit” when you’re ready to do something different with whatever the specific shit is that is fucking with you. You’re ready to give it the same trouble it’s causing you.

You know how at every school graduation, at least one speaker will feel duty-bound to point out that the word “commencement” is defined as both and ending and a beginning? “Fuck this shit” is a commencement phrase.

 I’ve thought a lot about this since I’ve started making “fuck this shit” jewelry. My first key chain was a brass key chain that I made for myself. At the time I worried that I was in a state of overall negativity. But, I reasoned that “fuck that shit” was actually a very positive sentiment.

 In the booklet that accompanied the key chains, I wrote that the phrase was “a statement of spirit, of spunk, of hope. Fuck the bad shit in life, whatever it happens to be at the moment, and let’s move along together to something better.” And indeed, at that particular moment in my life, I was ending a few inadequate entanglements in a way I’d never done before in my life, with the words: “this is not good enough for me.” It felt revolutionary, and it did clear the way for something better.

 I don’t believe in magic, or in happy endings, especially. But I do believe in fuck this shit. And I bet you do too.



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