The "Fuck This Shit" Embroidered Pin with Flowers

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The"Fuck This Shit" hand embroidered pin is a small, sweet pin that brightens even the darkest of political times -- while communicating an important point in its own gentle way.

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This is a pin designed to be worn by someone who knows that a spoonful of sugar helps angry words go down -- by someone's who's both sweet and salty. It has a homemade, cozy look that demonstrates that political protest can come in many forms.  

This brooch looks like a patch, but has a standard pin back, so you can remove your pin whenever you need to. (This is an unfortunate necessity in these polarized times, when you may need to conceal your political point-of-view.) It's lightweight, attaches securely to your clothing and is easily removable.

It was entirely handmade with a great deal of care. I started by hand drawing the design on 100% cotton fabric with a special pen. (The marks disappear with a sprinkling of water, but the stitches mostly cover the outline anyway.) Then I load up my needle with thread and get to stitching, drawing on a variety of stitches as the design demands. For this pin the stitches I made include: backstitch, stem stitch, outline stitch, lazy daisy, French knot. Then I cut a piece of brown faux suede, mount the stitching to that via a blanket stitch, stuff it with a piece of new wool felt to give it a little heft. Finally, I sew the pin back on and put it in its pretty chiffon gift bag just for you.  


  • This pin is about an inch and half wide, and a little larger than an inch wide. 
  • It's hand-embroidered on cotton, and the backing is faux brown suede.
  • The thread is color fast and the colors won't run if it gets wet. It's still not advisable to give it a good soaking. 
  • It's part of a small collection of embroidered political protest pins, you can see some of the others in the photos.
  • The pin is ready-to-ship and cannot be customized. 

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