About Alison Wonderland Jewelry

Alison Stein of Alison Wonderland Jewelry Alison Wonderland Jewelry makes unique narrative jewelry, with wit and beauty. Never traditional, often irreverent, freely mixing metalwork and natural stones with recycled and alternative materials to create unusual gifts for you -- or the lucky people you give things to. Guiding principle: As the Duchess in <i>Alice in Wonderland</i> said "everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”)  
I've been told this jewelry style is described as "boho," so if it makes you happy to think of this as  bohemian jewelry, I'm okay with that.
Every piece of Alison Wonderland Jewelry is designed and handmade by me, Alison Stein. I'm a lifelong New Yorker who spent a very loooooong long time making a living as a writer and freelance journalist. This might have made me a little cynical. It definitely sharpened my eye for life's many ironies and attuned my ears to quotable language. I secretly think of my jewelry as three-dimensional essays. 

I like authentic communication, and I like the way honesty often makes you laugh, because it's just so unexpected. This means my jewelry sometimes contains profanity, curse words, expletives. If you're easily offended, think of Alison Wonderland Jewelry as exposure therapy.

(And grow the fuck up.) (Kidding!) (Sort of.)

Some details:

* My studio is in DUMBO, Brooklyn, where I'm part of the Alloy Studio Collective. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. I'm quite literally looking at the Manhattan Bridge overpass from my studio window. You can come visit me if you'd like. But by appointment only.

This here is a photo from my first bench space, which I rented in Greenpoint from lovely Macha Jewelry. I'm leaving the photo here because I like it. And you probably know what the Manhattan Bridge looks like.

Sunset from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

*You can email me at alisonwonderlandjewelry at gmail.com.

*I blog about the creative life, running a creative business, and other things that cross my mind at Very Curious Mind. (Established 2005!)

*Photographs of the design process, life in general, and my cats are at Instagram.

*Many things I love are on Pinterest.

*And then of course there's Facebook.






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