"Beer Bubble" Earrings | Upcycled Earrings

Alison Wonderland Jewelry

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These subtle statement earrings are a good step up for a woman who typically favors simpler earrings, as I do. In my own jewelry box it's mostly studs, hoops or simple dangles that get the most action, but sometimes I want a little more...effervescence.

These "Beer Bubble" earrings are a great choice when you want to say a little more with your earrings. They pair well with simple necklaces, or they can accessorize your look all on their own, since they're just about chin-length on most.

These romantic earrings are a highly flattering beach sunset palette of warm gold-colored wire, peach Japanese glass beads, and a milky pink crystal with flashes of lilac. The ear wires are allergy friendly nickel-free metal.

They're one-of-a-kind and handmade from a top secret material.... oh fine, I'll tell. It's the "cages" that are on top of craft beer bottles. (A similar type of cap is used in the making of champagne.) You can see a photo of these beer cages above, in various stages of disassembly. My household goes through a lot of really good beer.

I started fiddling with the cap during a visit to Philadelphia Beer Week, and this style of earring is a result. They're about an inch wide and two and half inches in length, although there's some slight variations here because of the recycled material I'm using. If you're a craft beer lover, or know someone who is, these are a perfect, unexpected upcycled gift.

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