Fuckit Necklace
  • Fuckit Necklace
  • Fuckit Necklace
  • Fuckit Necklace
  • $ 40.00
  • Each letter of the immortal phrase "fuck it" is individually stamped onto a copper tear drop. 
  • Every letter is enhanced with a small fluorite stone, ranging in color from cool pale green to barest lavender. Fluorite is a natural mineral that is supposed to promote grounding and stability. Please note that as this a natural gemstone, you can expect slight variations in shape and shade. 
  • As you wear this necklace, it will move on your body, shifting like scales. Most people will likely not be able to parse what your necklace says, unless they're all up in your grill. 
  • The neckace is about 17 inches and the length can be adjusted. The chain is red brass, the clasp is gold plate, and the flourite is attached with bronze wire. 
  • This is a unique and entirely handmade item. 

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