The "Go Away" Travel Adventure Necklace - One of A Kind SIM Card Necklace

Alison Wonderland Jewelry

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This unusual, one-of-a-kind necklace honors the spirit of travel and adventure. It's approximately 14 inches long in total, and includes a small brass plate that says "go away." I fully intend the double meaning of this phrase.

The golden part at the center is a SIM card, which I purchased many years ago in Krakow, Poland in 2008. This was a period of intense travel in my life as a travel writer, and it felt like I was out of the United States more than I was in it.  This was also back in the days before cell phone networks were meaningfully international, and I had a throw-away phone which I haughtily called a "mobile," and purchased SIM cards like these to make the phone work.

For this necklace, I trimmed the SIM card down a little, and then painstakingly embellished what remained with handwoven glass beads and crystals, creating a warm color palette.

If you feel like it, you can wear it reversed, it has a deep blue back, and the name of the cell network (Siimplus) is mostly visible. (The photo with the green background shows the reverse side.) It won't work in a phone anymore, but it sure looks pretty.

It will arrive in a gift box. I can customize the length of the chain to your specifications, simply add a note upon check out.

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