The Lotus Karma Gemstone Bracelet

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The Lotus Karma Gemstone Bracelet
  • The Lotus Karma Gemstone Bracelet
  • The Lotus Karma Gemstone Bracelet
  • The Lotus Karma Gemstone Bracelet
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In Tibetan Buddhism, the arts are a part of spiritual practice. "Form is a way to the sublime," writes Anjan Chakraverty, in his book Sacred Buddhist Painting. Tibetans were advised to commission a painting to remove physical or mental obstacles, and paintings and sculptures were seen as evocations, arrived at through meditation.

I borrowed this approach for these bracelets and started with a question in mind about the idea of karma.

Karma is often misunderstood in the West as a system of punishment and reward, but as I was making these bracelets, I thought of karma in two ways: that our every action should be mindful and intentional, and that all of our karma is intertwined with others, often in ways we don't see or understand. 

So, the brass circle (sometimes called a karma circle) is a representation of the outside of a wheel, an important symbol in Buddhism. Each part of the wheel has meaning; the rim signifies focus and concentration. I tied Chinese cord and gold silk into knots that hold the bracelet together. These signify the sinewy web of twisting connections that bind us to one another. 

I selected natural gemstones using a color palette inspired by Tibetan Buddhist paintings. Please note that while there is a tradition of religious jewelry in the East, these bracelets are not that -- although I obviously did try to incorporate my understanding of Buddhist art philosophy and symbolism.

Jewelry Details

There are two versions of Alison Wonderland's karma bracelets. The Lotus Bracelet symbolizes female energy and is designed to enhance a smaller wrist. It features fire agate, crazy agate (so called for its variety of colors), carnelian and green opal. The other version is The Vajra Bracelet, which you can see in one of the photos.  That symbolizes male energy and is designed to enhance a larger wrist. It features natural coral, lava, crazy agate and green opal. 

Both have adjustable clasps -- simply slide to open, and pull on the cords to close. The Lotus will fit a variety of wrist sizes in the range of seven inches.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 -Will my karma bracelet look exactly like the photos I see here?

 Karma bracelets are made with gemstones, so you can expect natural, beautiful variation in color, size and shape. I take care to select particular stones for each bracelet that complement each other, so your bracelet will be unique.

2 - How do I open and close my karma bracelet?

Karma bracelets are made with a sliding clasp, with about an inch and a half of play in it, to make it easy to put on and take off. Simply grasp the clasp and slide it horizontally to open, and pull the beaded end cords to tighten.

 3-Will this bracelet fit my wrist?

The Lotus bracelet will fit wrists of seven to nine inches in diameter. (The Vajra bracelet fits a wrist that is eight to eleven inches in diameter, also making it appropriate as a gift for a man.) But because I make each bracelet to order, I’m happy to adjust the size of the bracelet to your needs! Just include a note with your order.

 4-My birthstone/favorite/lucky stone is….{citrine, ruby, garnet, jade}. Can you include my favorite stone in my bracelet?

 Certainly. Head on over to custom orders, and let’s talk about it. Please bear in mind there will be an additional cost. 



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